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Vue-Matrix™ removes the barriers to effective risk management by making it easier for you to identify risks and understand their impact across all areas of your business. Entering data using our user-friendly form-style screen makes Vue-Matrix™ quick and easy to use.

So you can easily capture and update risks and actions live, during your risk review meetings and brainstorming sessions. Risks can be categorized in as many ways as you need and automatic qualitative to quantitative conversion provides consistent data, no matter what the level of user maturity.

And of course, the easier it is for users to capture information, the more likely you are to know about those really important risks before they happen!





Vue-Matrix™ supports informed decision-making across all areas of the risk management process. Heat maps in the form of Matrices on the dashboard help you understand high risk areas. This provides essential information to support bid submissions, determine the viability of new business opportunities, understand the cost benefit of mitigation strategies, calculate pain/gainshare contract values, set risk contingency reserves and achieve desired profit margins.




Vue-Matrix™ helps you take the right actions at the right time to deal with the risks that you identify. Vue-Matrix™ helps you make decisions about which actions to take, showing you the most effective ways to invest your resources and budget. The budget allocated to approved actions is automatically rolled up through the hierarchy, allowing budget holders to see at a glance how much risk management reserve is still in play.




Vue-Matrix™ has several reports build into the system that will help you track the risks throughout it’s life-cycle. Reports can be exported into Portable Document Format (PDF), Excel (XLS), Rich Text (RTF) or Word (DOC) for modification or presentation purposes.

To support proactive risk management, email alerts remind you to complete your actions and review your risks regularly; minimizing the chance of costly risks occurring.


Risks assigned to the user shows up under the “My Risks” section of the dashboard and can be drilled down into directly.

Unassigned Risks can be monitored directly from the Project Manager or Portfolio Manager Dashboard similar to an exception report for resolution. They can be clicked on and modified directly from the dashboard without having to navigate through the application.



In built communication tools like Outlook reminder option, Risk notification option with customizable email server details for the “On Premise” Plans.

View Probability vs. Impact Matrices

A Risk Matrix is a matrix that is used during (Risk Assessment) to define the various levels of risk as the product of the probability and severity/ impact (Risk Exposure).

Vue-Matrix™ user dashboards contain different variations of these matrices so your risk management is focused to your needs. These Matrices give the user great foresight on which Threats vs Opportunities, Risks that are upcoming, Probability*Impact weight, etc.

They are often treated as heat maps for prioritization and targeted planning.

Risk Horizon Matrices

How Risks are displayed on these Horizon Matrices is also configurable based on project needs.

Generate Executive level and Enterprise Reports.


Vue-Matrix™ has several reports build into the system that will help you track the risks throughout it’s life-cycle. Reports can be exported into Portable Document Format (PDF), Excel (XLS), Rich Text (RTF) or Word (DOC) for modification or presentation purposes.

Intelligent identification and management of Opportunities and Threats.

The application treats Opportunities and Threats differently where needed so stakeholders can understand and manage them differently too.

In the Risk Management lifecycle, Risks can be categorized as opportunities or threats. Risk response planning for them will differ. Opportunties need to be maximized and Threats need to be minimized.

Vue-Matrix™ recognizes this and intelligently manages them differently where needed to maximize project Return 0n Investment (ROI) and success.






View the Role based Dashboards

  • Dashboard
  • Dropdowns
  • Cost of Risk
  • Heat Maps
  • Risk Log

Application supports 4 roles: Admin, Project Manager, Portfolio Manager and Team Member. All the Project roles have portfolio capabilities for their projects.Portfolio Manager, Project Manager and Team Member can each manage their respective Project Portfolios and Risk details via the dashboard.

Selected Project Dropdown Panel

You can get a consolidated view of all projects here. The drop down menu gives access to quickly select individual projects.

The Cost of Risk and My Risk Section

Cost of Risk numbers dynamically update to give up to the minute information on possible Threats and Opportunities.
View Risks assigned to you in the My Risks section.

Heat Maps with Drill Down Numbers.

Heats Maps in the dashboard dynamically update to give status updates and quick access to information. Numbers on the heat map indicate total number of risks in that probability-impact cell. These risks can be drilled down from the dashboard directly without having to navigate through the entire application.

The Risk Log and Risk Assignment Section

View the Risk Logs and the risks assigned to the members in your team.

Highly Configurable

Suited for various industries and different types of projects.

At Admin level, configurations can match company specifications and standards.

We understand that every project could need to be managed differently. Hence, at the project level, the Project/Porfolio Manager has the capability to modify these configurations to suit project needs.

Cost Calculations

Cost of Risk PERT calculation and Expected Monetary Value for contingency planning.

Risk Impact cost numbers can be added into a Risk record and based on the probability of occurrence, an Expected Monetary Value (EMV) can be arrived at. All the EMV numbers are rolled up on the dashboard and can be views collectively or by project A necessity for contingency budget planning.

Manage users and team members effectively.





Project Manager

Portfolio Manager

Import Functionality

Simplified mass project risk data management.

Hundreds of Risks can be mass imported at one time into projects using the import file template (Excel)provided.

Error message in case of file import error:


Erroneous Import file:


Solid data validation and simple error message display on unsuccessful file import. Extremely easy for user to locate the error as the application pinpoints the row and cell in the import spreadsheet where there is an error for repair and reimport.

Quick Application Wide Search Functionality

Choose to search Risks by Project, Risk Name or Risk ID.

Individual Time Zone settings for each user

Helps build strong streamlined Communication

This feature is available for all users of the application thus ensuring that geographical location of project teams does not come in the way of strong, streamlined communication. This setting drives the email and notification timing.

About Us - Vue-Matrix™ is a leading web-based Project Risk Management Software. With comprehensive Project Risk Control, Risk Identification, Monitoring & Tracking capabilities Vue-Matrix is an intelligent software solution, tool & system for professional project management.
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